6-Days Online Workshop By Vijay Thakkar-Premium


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6-Days Online Workshop By Vijay Thakkar


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The program is designed to help participants to learn both Technical and Fundamental of the market. The Technical learning will help you to identify common mistakes while reading a chart, Identify False breakouts and profit from them, and learn hidden chart reading. This session is based on completely practical learning.


Who should attend?
Anyone who is interested in trading and wants to be successful in Stock Market.


-Start your part time trading business .You can Trade Intraday/Short Term/Long Term in any market of the world.
-Learn the art of stock picking for long term wealth creation.
-Learn to trade stocks in both bullish and bearish market. Learn definition of Good or bad Strong or weak Stock.
-Stop looking for tips and focus on generating the ideas yourself. because its your money and its should handle by your own.
-Benefit from the power of the 8th wonder in the world Compounding.
-You will be ahead of 90% investors in the world who depend solely on Fundamental Analysis only.



6-Days Online Workshop By Vijay Thakkar
Fundamental Analysis

i)How To find Strong Fundamental Pick
ii) What is Value Investing.
iii) How to select Cheap Stock at Life-Time High Market also.
iv)How To Pick Multibagger Pick with Help of Fundamental Analysis.
v)Which Type of Stock To Select While Investing.
vi) How to Calculate Target With The help of Fundamental analysis.



Technical Analysis
i) Stock Market Basics
ii) Technical Analysis:
iii) Review of Technical Analysis
iv) Introduction to Technical Analysis

Trend & Trend Behaviours
What is Trend.. Types of Trends..Why Following Trend is very Important.. & How to Follow Trend. What is Definition of STRONG Stock & WEAK Stock.



Support & Resistance
i) Minor Sup & Minor Res
ii)Major Sup & Major Res
iii)Flip Sup & Flip Res
Buy Near Support & Sell Near Resistance is Golden Rule of Stock market, but question is When To Buy Near Sup & When to Sell Near Resistance.



Trend-line & Channel
i)What is Trendline
ii)How to Draw Trendline
iii)When To use & How to use
iv)What is purpose of using Trendline.



Breakout & Break-Down
i)What is Breakout & Breakdown, Types of Breakout & Breakdown

ii)Which type of Breakout We Have To Play.
iii)When to Play on Daily Breakout/Breakdown, weekly, breakout/breakdown, Monthly

iv) How to know False/Fake Breakout/Breakdown. Why Its Occur.

Price and Volume Analysis
Stop Loss Concept
Market and Trading Strategy
Types of Candlesticks Patterns(candlestick/Line)
What is candlesticks Pattern, How to use it in our Trading life. When to use it,
High Probability Reversal Candlestick Patterns
How to select the stock using candlestick patterns, When Patterns Fails
Introduction of Derivative How To trade in Futures and Options (Only Basics)
Introduction to chart Patterns (Line,Bar,Candlestick) Reversal Pattern (H&S, INV H&S,WEDGES-Type Of wedges, Double Top/Bottom Pattern.)



Continuation Pattern
(Symmetrical Triangle,Ascending Triangle,Descending, Triangle,Flag,Pennant, Cup&handle Pattern, Rectangle Pattern,Channel)
Which Pattern is Highly Successful, When Patterns Fails.
Multi time-frame Analysis(Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
Risk Management using Hedging Strategies(using Options)
Money Management
Technical analysis step by step (The Mental Checklist)
Practical Analysis Sessions + Examples