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Corporatefinanceinstitute – Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA).

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CFI’s Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst Certification was created for ambitious financial analysts who want to close the skill gap between formal education and becoming a world-class financial analyst — one who’s competent, confident, and poised to advance.

Based on our experience working with some of the world’s leading financial institutions, we know that traditional financial education is theoretical, not practical.

In fact, 75% of our students said they needed additional training after earning their degree, in order to get a job.

Your degree only partially prepares you for your career, leaving out the hands-on experience employers demand, and leaving you with a dilemma…

It’s the biggest struggle facing financial analysts today. We call it the “skill gap.”

FMVA® Certification: An Online Program for Driven Financial Analysts Who Want to Sprint Ahead of the Competition

CFI’s Financial Analyst Certification Program is designed to give you a competitive edge with advanced knowledge, real-world analysis skills, and career confidence.

Think of it like spending a few months training with an Olympic-athlete coach… you’ll be in peak condition in a fraction of the time.

CFI’s approach works because…

You can bring your skills up to speed 10X faster, and for a smaller investment than other programs.

This is not just another “professional development” course. It’s an unparalleled career trajectory system.