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What you’ll learn
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How a strangle works
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Learn how to hedge using weekly options
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Understand the psychology and risk management
Lesson Description
Importance of options selling

In the world of stock markets, a trader can choose to trade with multiple instruments like stocks, futures, and options, but why is option selling so luring for the big institutional players? Learn from Jegan how a trader can use risk defined strategies to their advantage.

The strategy

With option selling, losses can be unlimited. But can this risk be managed? Learn a risk defined index options writing strategy that does not involve any greeks and is protected from black swan events and big movements in indices.

Psychology for options sellers

The most crucial concept that most beginner traders are unaware about is psychology, which is even more important than buy-sell levels. Jegan enlists various rules that a trader can follow in order to follow money management and become a successful trader.