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Mind Fluential Trading -Options Trading for Everyone Course 2021 Download


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About the Course

Options have a great potential of profit, however it comes along with a great risk too. Its may not suitable for pure beginners who does not even know about price action & technical analysis etc.However this mentorship is suitable for the ones:

1. Who looking for Option Buying Scalping Strategies & Intraday strategies especially for Nifty & Bank Nifty
2. Who wants to learn option selling strategies which can give a safe & moderate return with limited risk and high win probability.
3. Who are looking for Expiry day strategies
4. Volatility based strategies in stocks [ more capital is needed for stock option strategies]
5. Who wish to explore almost everything in Options with a clarity and clean explanation


Course Curriculum

✅ Basics and core components of Options
✅ Premium Decay Concepts
✅ Reading Open Interest data Chain like a Pro
✅ Option Greeks in Detail
✅ 10 + Option Buying strategies (for Intraday & Scalping)
✅ 12+ Option Selling Strategies (Spreads, Strangles, Condors etc)
✅ Hedging, Adjustments & Fire Fighting Strategies (Most Important)
✅ Expiry Day Strategies & Result Based Strategies
✅ Beginner to advanced level concepts like OI chain analysis, PCR, Max Pain, Multi strike, IV analysis etc
✅ More focus on Nifty & Bank Nifty, However most of the concepts can be applied to stock options as well.
✅ All topics will be explained with a simulator and examples will be provided wherever necessary to make it clear.
✅ More bonus topics will be included