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A Complete Intraday Trader (Offline Session) 2018

Course Objective
Many people have misconception that money cannot be made in intraday (in a day) but the best opportunity always starts with a small time frame. We have come up with a unique methodology to intraday trading. It covers stock selection, entry, exit and stop loss.Course content(Cash & Future)

  • Basics of stock market.
  • How to beat mutual funds with a unique approach.
  • 1- Hour Intraday trading system.
  • Secret entry for low risk high reward trades.
  • New concept of price action
  • How to identify stocks before market opening.
  • How to trade gap up and gap down.
  • How to Trade Retacement.
  • One Bounous setup either on options buying or in investing.
  • How to trail and pyramid for maximum profits
  • Trading rules for intraday trading.
  • Day trading psychology.
  • Money management for intraday.