Power of Stocks Zero To Hero program Paid Course 2020-Premium


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Power of Stock Zero To Hero

Zero to Hero Program (Online recorded video)

Course Objective
Till date, in my Trading and Teaching career, I come across one common problem that the People directly jump into the market without the proper mindset. And in my opinion, mindset is 50%, Money management is 30% and Setup is 20%. To develop a proper mindset You need mechanical setup, clear objective rules, and multiple checkpoints to improve your trading mindset and this course offers you all to prepare yourself from Zero to Hero Trader.Course content

  • Understand trading Psychology.
  • How to develop an actual mindset for trading.
  • How you can follow the big player’s footprint.
  • Understand level identification fro stock selection.
  • Strategy for intraday trading with Entry & Exit.
  • Strategy for GAP’s trading with Entry & Exit.
  • Strategy for positional trading with Entry & Exit.
  • Strategy for options selling for expiry.

  • Live trading example of option selling.
  • Unique money management for account growth.
  • From 2 Lakhs to 60 Lakhs- Motivational video(Ledger account has shown)
  • How to prepare a Trading Journal & Trading Goals.
  • 30 days challenge to improve your trading.